Have A Look At The Type Of Women You Need To Avoid

Being a man, you might be choosy while selecting your lady love. Girls are usually of two types. The first kind is who have above average looks and are nice to be around with. The second type is those girls who could make your life miserable. In this article, you will get to know about the girls, who could ruin your life.

Avoid the company of Miss Unpleasant

The first type is Miss Unpleasant. Such kind of ladies is usually unsatisfied with their lives and has a negative approach towards life. They manage to be unhappy under any circumstances. Many females believe that all the evils of the society are caused by men. These girls hate men and their company.

‘Miss take' believe in living their life with money and fame. They expect to be with a man, who could finance entire life. She wants the man to pay for her trips, drinks, flowers, jewelry and every other thing.

Miss dependent could ruin your lives

Miss Dependent type of girls might seem to be perfect at the first meeting. However, you will realize your mistake of being in the relationship when she consistently messages or calls you for every other thing. Such kinds of ladies are looking for a man, who could solve their problems.

Miss romance is another popular category of ladies you need to avoid. They usually live in a fantasy world. Such girls imagine spending their lives with a price charming type of guy. They treat themselves like a princess.

You might have met a girl, who has been hurt in past relationships and avoid starting new relations. Such ladies are frustrated and irritated from their lives. They have lost faith in the world. She might show interest in you, but will immediately run away. She might give you mixed signals.

Have you ever met Miss Angry?

Miss angry type of girls does not like men. They consider guys as creeps, pigs or jerks. Do not involve with such girls as they could explode with anger at you for no apparent reason. Such ladies would have experienced misdemeanors due to men at different stages of their lives. Hence, they avoid being with men.

Miss insecure might treat you very well in the starting. However, her inner insecurities will not take your relationship to the next level. She might call you more than ten times a day to hear your voice or to ensure whether you have taken your lunch. She needs assurance that her hairs are perfect and she looks attractive.

Miss me type of girl is focused on herself. She desires to be in the limelight 24X 7. She loves to grab attention of others. Such kinds of girls are usually self indulgent, selfish and self serving. You will never miss the company of such spoiled brats. Miss control will direct every phase of your life. She will instruct you where to go, what to wear, who to talk to and every other thing.

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