Some Of The Greatest Sex Tips To Have Amazing Time In Bed

Satisfying women in bed is the something that not all men can do. Men often keep ahead of the race by being ever ready. Whereas others just keep mum due to shyness. No more being shy, it is time to act and bloom up your life. Well, here is a guide to brighten up the time in bedroom and shock your mate.

1. Be ever-ready

You never know when sex is coming your way. In your office, in your house, in a friends room well there is certainly nowhere you cannot get intimate. The only solution to have exciting sex is being ever ready. Make sure you follow these dos and don'ts for a great surprise sex.


· Exercise regularly

· Drink lots of water

· Shave (yes, it's necessary)

· Get quality sleep

· Take proper diet


  • Overeat (you may feel dizzy and bloated)
  • Drink too much of alcohol
  • Masturbate too often (it can make you feel tired)
  • Smell bad (especially those onions)

2. Get dressed up for it

Yeah, it's your day to please and seduce her. Dress your best for this time. Girls often enjoy foreplay, so give her enough time to get you undressed in front of her. It will not only arouse her, but will also make you feel more confident.

You can also try the fantasy dress formula. Just know which character or actor your lady likes and you can come dressed like him. This will create a sense of newness in the entire act and she will be more fun with you.

3. Enjoy the group sex

Sex in group or group sex is even more erotic. Invite a girl, who can please men and a man, who can please your lady. Watching and having sex at the same time is enough to make the night just superb.

You can go for swing parties, where you both can enjoy sex with random guy or girl. The thought of threesome sex is enough to arouse a guy. Fulfil your fantasy and talk about your experience after the party during sex with your lady.

4. Try new poses

Yes, the normal formal sex becomes boring after some time. Well, don't let this happen with you. Daily try a new pose to shock your woman. You can buy the book of “kama sutra”, which contains the pictures of various poses. It has a large collection of postures and you can try one of them daily.

5. Use foods and props

Foods and props are a great way of having fun in your bed. Apply chocolate on her intimate area and start licking. Licking off food from one's body generally lasts in great sex. In case of props, you can buy dildos for your mate. While you recover from your last orgasm, she can have good time with these props.


With these easy to use and amazing tips, you can definitely bring colours to your dull sexual life and make your bedtime more exciting.

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