Some Unknown And Interesting Facts About Vagina

It is in fact amazing to discover that we know nothing about vagina, the part of a woman's body, which helps in intercourse. Well, people out there who want to know more about the woman's body should certainly read these interesting facts about vagina. Let's get started.

The pubic hair

You may often feel gross over the fact of waxing your pubic hair. However, it is not just by accident that women have pubic hair, but there are certain functions of these dreaded hair. They include:

  • Protecting the delicate vagina.
  • Giving an indication of your sexual growth or maturity and that you are ready to reproduce and involve in sexual activity.
  • A means of trapping the scent of potential mate

Unlike our hair on scalp, which keeps growing, the pubic hair has a life of only three months after which their growth stops.

The clitoris

God has provided more than 7000 nerve endings to the clitoris, while men only have 4000 endings in their penis. These nerve endings also give a great sensation during orgasm, which is an advantage over men!


A woman's vagina is extremely elastic and can expand to around 200% of its actual size. The reason is obvious. Vagina is made to give birth to babies. Moreover, it has to be elastic to accommodate penis of all sizes.

Hanging vagina

The hanging vagina disease also known as pelvic prolapse is a medical condition in which the vagina falls inside out and hangs in between the legs.

It is most likely to occur in old age when your vagina loses its elasticity and become so large that it cannot remain inside. Well do not panic, the chances of this disease are very less and it can be treated with surgery or medications.

The ejaculation

Some women ejaculate during orgasm. However, it is completely normal not to ejaculate, as it is not a sign of orgasm. The climax is what you feel, what makes you forget everything for a few seconds and what gives you the pleasure that cannot be defined. It has nothing to do with ejaculation.

Some women ejaculate milky white fluid. It is nothing but the secretion from your paraurethral glands. If it is less milky and the amount is more, it is most likely to be pee. Don't feel gross and just enjoy the feeling of orgasm without considering what's coming out.

The sexually transmitted disease

Your vagina is a gateway to several sexually transmitted diseases. However, these STDs can be prevented to some extent by the use of condoms or other precautions, but it cannot be 100% prevented. For instance, even though the male's penis is covered with condom, his scrotum might contain the virus, which enters your vagina as soon as it touches your vulva.


Vagina also has squalene, a lubricant found in whale. This above mentioned points will help you know your vagina better and protect yourself from any potential problems.

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