Take The Lead And Find A Solution To Why Your Lady Is Faking Orgasm

Men are under constant pressure to please their women in bed. Women know this fact and the loving and dedicated ones often fake orgasm to boost the confidence of their partner. Instead of spending time in finding if, your lady has faked orgasm or not, it is good idea to search for solutions to give her extreme pleasure. Let us talk about why women fake orgasms and what can be done to avoid it.

Why women fake orgasm?

Women are emotionally attached to men. They don't want their partner to feel embarrassed and depressed in bed. Moreover, they also don't like questioning about his sexual abilities. These are the reasons why they fake orgasm to make their partner happy, thinking it will eventually bring happiness in their relationship.

However, faking orgasm do no less than harm. A woman is devoid of sexual pleasure and the man lives in misconception that he is great in bed.

How to know if she is faking orgasm?

There are several ways in which you can easily notice if she has faked it or not. Let us look at some of them.

  • Her expressions and volume appears harmonized.
  • She comes to normal quiet state within seconds.
  • She gives you an awkward smile as if she is hiding something from you.
  • She doesn't look directly into your eyes.
  • You know your efficiency and her response appears exaggerated.
  • Your penis will feel a sudden rush and strong grip, if she is actually having an orgasm, in case it is not so, you should be alarmed.

Now what's the solution?

The best solution to prevent your woman from faking orgasm is giving her the real ones. This will make both of you happy and contended. Let us see some tips on how you can stop her from faking it.

Don't take sex too seriously

It becomes difficult for her to tell you the reality, if you take sex too seriously. It is good idea if you laugh about the mistakes you made during the intercourse. This will develop confidence in her and she will be able to tell you about the problem.

Have strong attachment and communication

Communication is the lifeline of any relation. Make sure you are emotionally attached to her and share everything. The more communication you'll have the less chances of her faking orgasm.

Try to give her extreme pleasure to help her achieve orgasm

Master the art of fingering, cunnilingus and intercourse. You can also learn about different type of orgasms she can get. For instance clitoral orgasms are easier to achieve than the G spot orgasms. Try to stimulate her clitoris and make her cum with little effort.

You can also try lubes that help in giving her powerful orgasm. You should also work on yourself to control your orgasm and increase your time in bed.


With these tips, you will not only know if she is faking it, but will also help her get the real powerful ones.

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