The Male G Spot - A Part For Extreme Pleasure And Powerful Orgasms

You would have often heard about G spot, but only in context of women. However, for your knowledge, men also possess this G spot, which helps them get the best orgasm of their life. Let us know some interesting fact about male G spot, its location and how it can be stimulated to give you great pleasure.

Where is the G spot of men located?

Under the bladder is a walnut size prostate gland, which is the doorway to extreme pleasure in the world. For all the girls out there, there is a button in-between his testicle and anus to give him eternal pleasure.

How to locate G spot?

Men can easily locate their G spot by entering their finger in the rectum. However, make sure that you do not have long nails and wear smooth gloves to have a hygienic penetration. Also, do not forget to use lube to make your passage pain free and smooth. Once you locate your G spot, you can easily instruct your partner to do the same for you.

  • Enter one or two finger in your rectum to half its height.
  • In the direction of your penis, bend your finger a little in the “calling” mode.
  • You can also rotate your finger to judge where the spot is actually.
  • The place where you get extreme pleasure and feel like rubbing or hitting it harder is your gateway to heaven.
  • Remember the place and ask your partner to rub in the same area.

How can G spot orgasm be achieved?

The G spot in men is the small walnut sized prostate gland that is also called hero spot. It is named as G spot owning to the fact that it provides similar orgasms like in women. The G spot should be stimulated properly to achieve powerful orgasm. The best and the necessary part of starting stimulation are feeling comfortable.

Make sure you lie in a position with your legs elevated and far apart. You should generally lie on your back to get the easy stimulation. Now, enter your fingers or vibrator with lots and lots of lubes. However, the main thing to consider here is the movement that stimulates you.

Not all men have orgasms with thrust movement. Some feel pleasure with intense pressure while others are satisfied with little rubbing. Just start doing what makes you feel much better. You can try different techniques and as soon as you get your powerful orgasm, your mind will automatically remember the movement.

Can rim job help getting G spot orgasm in men?

Rim job is a simple, old yet powerful technique of providing extreme pleasure to your partner. As soon as you come out of bathroom after fresh bath, your partner can try his tongue twist massage on your annular opening, which helps in stimulating your G spot. Researchers have found rim job to be quite effective in providing powerful orgasms to both the parties.

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