Why Giving Her Orgasm Using Your Penis So Difficult

Experiencing orgasm during sex is easy for men. However, when it comes to a woman, it is no less than a ninja war. Both you and your partner must try hard to take her to that level of pleasure. You might wonder why. Well, let us look at some reasons and try to find out their solutions as well.

Both of you are different

Although a woman's vagina is filled with more than 7000 nerve endings, it is not too sensitive to attain quick orgasm. The back and forth movements that usually help you to get your orgasm are not enough for her. Know the difference between your anatomy and the way how both of you can reach the climax.

Women often complain that men do not get involved in foreplay and generally focus on penetration. Well, it is obvious that you would love to do so, as it gives you pleasure, but think of her too. The increased friction and movement of your penis inside her vagina does not necessarily mean she is also enjoying.

Women often get the pleasure of orgasm with the help of either clitoris or g-spot stimulation (sometimes the blend of both). Therefore, it is necessary for you to focus on these areas of her genitals instead of the vaginal hole. The more sensation and touches she receives in her clitoral region, the greater chances are there of her attaining orgasm.

So, what's next?

Well, the best thing you can do is give enough time to yourself for sex. A quickie often leaves her unsatisfied. Therefore, it is necessary that you start with a great foreplay and end the game with her orgasm. Studies conducted by Lafayette College in the US found that kissing reduces the stress, and the time taken for her to reach the peak of arousal.

A good foreplay also includes stimulating her sensitive parts. According to William Cane, author of “The Art of Kissing”, kissing on neck is the first step to orgasm. Start kissing her on lips, her neck and then her ear lobes. Kissing and sucking these parts will definitely turn her on and will rush the blood supply to her genital area, which is necessary for her to have orgasm.

Don't just use your penis

Penis is not necessary for her to have orgasm. Surprised? Well, this is the reason why lesbian couples report high degree of satisfaction. Moreover, the size of penis also has nothing to do with her orgasm. You need to try your tongue and fingers. You can also try some sex toys if you feel tired halfway.

The studies conducted by sexologists at Masters & Johnson Institute revealed that cunnilingus is one of the most reliable routes to orgasm for around 80% of women. Pull her clitoral hood and start licking. This will give her such a pleasure and sudden rush of blood that nothing will be able to stop her from having orgasm.


Orgasm often takes time. Therefore, it is necessary to give her enough time and build a strong emotional and physical connection with her.

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