Women Having Multiple Orgasms - What Is So Special In Them

Multiple orgasms are common, especially if you know how to have one. There is only a minor difference between the ways you can achieve orgasm and multiple orgasms. Let us look at few things, which help to get that feeling multiple times.

Know what a climax feels like

Women who have multiple orgasms know how it feels like. There are generally two types of multiple orgasms-

  • One that takes place after a gap of at least one minute
  • Other that occurs simultaneously

The simultaneous orgasm gives the feeling of one prolonged orgasm. Therefore, many times women misunderstand the fact that they really had multiple orgasm. Know the fact that orgasm is a feel and you can easily attain it if you wish to do so. Feel fully aroused and let yourself go with the flow.

Know you are sexy

No matter, if you have cellulites or acne, feeling sexy is something that will definitely help you in getting multiple orgasms. Women having confidence in them and who take sex as fun often attain multiple climaxes. Regardless of how you look, have a feeling of being sexy. Know how to seduce others and how to let go when he is with you.

If you are not comfortable with sex or do not feel sexy, you are most likely to be deprived of orgasm (yes, even one). Self-conscious women do not allow themselves to be fully carried away during sex, which is an essential part of having multiple orgasms.

Know what self-satisfaction is

Women, who often have multiple orgasms, are known to masturbate. Girls are taught that masturbation is wrong, but it is not. Moreover, it is a great way of getting multiple orgasms. To let your partner know what turns you on and gives you multiple climaxes, it is essential you try yourself and tell him.

Masturbation is also a great way of involving yourself fully in the sexual pleasure as there is no one to judge or see you. Moreover, you are alone and free to try anything that pleases you. All these steps will definitely help you have the great pleasure again and again.

Know your cycle

There are certain times when you don't feel like having sex. Well, there are other times when you want to be penetrated wildly. The moment when you feel like having it in you, is the best time to have multiple orgasms. Tell your partner you are willing to have a hot sex and if he is in office, you can satisfy yourself if you are feeling sexually aroused.

A women's cycle is too complicated to be understood. Therefore, whenever you feel like having it, go with the flow and get the amazing multiple orgasms. You can also try different places for doing the same. Especially, in case you have kids at home, you can rent a room or lock yourself to enjoy the pleasure.


Not having multiple orgasms is normal. Try these steps and still if you can't, then don't bother much about it, and just enjoy sex with your partner.

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