Did You Know That Your Woman Can Enjoy Multiple Orgasms

It's a known truth that women take more time to get satisfied in bed, which is not the case with men. They need their partners to spend more time in bed, pampering their body and exciting them sexually. For men, getting orgasm is quite quick, but this is not the case with women.

Phases of sexual excitement for men

Men usually experience two different phases of orgasm, which women could never do. The first one is the PNR or the point of no return and the second one is the refractory period. In the PNR phase, they are sexually satisfied and they don't need any more act to ejaculate. However, in the refractory period, your body goes into the relaxed position, which usually happens after you have climaxed.

In other words, you wouldn't be able to perform anymore act until your penis needs complete rest. Your mind and body is in a completely relaxed position and you would enjoy a sense of satisfaction. Such things make your sexual satisfaction quite different from women.

How does PNR affect you

In the PNR position, your semen has already entered into the shaft and you would be able to stop it, no matter how hard you try to do so. Women's body works in a different way altogether. Her body needs proper stimulation or else she will not be able to enjoy orgasm. If you leave the act in between then she wouldn't be able to cum at all.

Perhaps this is one of the scientific reasons where her she needs more time to get stimulated and reach climax. Men are selfish as they stop the act as soon as they are satisfied. Her sexual satisfaction is equally important as it is for you. Besides this, if you don't care for her at all then she wouldn't want to be with you at all the next time.

Wild sex

Women, as compared to men have a strong appetite for sex. Apart from this, she needs you to do lots of things that will excite her sexually. Her orgasm is more intensified than yours, and she feels relaxed once she reaches the climax. You could clearly see her enjoying the act and asking for more screaming in excitement. This is indeed the best way to make her ask for more from you the next time.

Multiple orgasms

Women have the potentiality to enjoy multiple orgasms. Once she reaches her climax, her body rests for some time and then she is ready for another action. All you need to do is stimulate and tease her sexually.

There is no rule as such, which will define as to what you need to do and how it needs to be done to stimulate her sexually. The sexual need of every woman differs from each other and their partners are expected to know about the same. Try something different to sexually arouse her instead of trying the same old thing. The more you satisfy her sexually more will her love for you in bed.

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