Don't Force Her G-Spot Orgasm And Kill The Excitement When She Doesn't Prefer It

Many men, despite making attempts to satisfy their partner fail to do. This certainly affects their sexual life, and ruins relationship. Exciting your partner sexually is not that difficult as many assume it to be like.

Understand her sexual needs

All you need to do is know what her sexual expectations are and try different things to satisfy her. You don't need to be an expert to find her g-spot, as it can be done quite easily. G-spot stimulation can give a glorious fun to your sexual encounters. Many a times, men try to excite their partner, but do it by applying force.

This is surely not a good thing, as it will cause her immense pain. At times, women feel like peeing when touched by their partner in the sensitive area. It is a common feel, and there is a scientific reason associated with the same. Some of the nerves near the vagina and clitoris are closely connected, which makes her feel like peeing when touched.

If your partner is not comfortable with the act, then it is suggested not to try it at all. You might distract her attention and ruin her plan to enjoy the act. Thus, it is suggested not to do anything that might make feel uncomfortable about the sexual act.

Handle her sexual needs with care

If you still want your partner to enjoy the act, and want her not to go through the feeling of urinating then suggest her to go to washroom before sex. It might relax her, and free her mind from any sort of worries. Also you can stop her from consuming water or other liquid food, hours before getting on to the bed.

Such things will relax her mind, and she would enjoy the act rather than worrying about things that can impact the sexual performance. Women are not comfortable in talking about things that can embarrass them while in bed. In this case, it is recommended to discuss things with her and make her feel comfortable.

Do something new

The same position and style can make the task quite boring, so try to avoid the same. If she is not in for the game of g-spot stimulation then it is suggested not to try it at all. Instead, you can try something new that will excite her sexually and keep her happy in bed. You can try to stimulate her sexually slowly and once she is comfortable you can increase the pressure.

Many women don't prefer to go ahead with g-spot stimulation, as it is not at all enjoyed by them. In this case, you can include lots of foreplay in your game of love. The more time you spend exploring her vagina and stimulating her better will be her fun.

Through foreplay you can relax her mind and body and excite her sexually. Such a process will lubricate her vagina, which will stimulate her entire body. As you proceed with the act, don't forget to ask your partner about what she feels and how excited she is at present.

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