Pamper And Excite Her Clits Gently And Satisfy Her Sexually

It's true that women love to be around men, who could go down there and pamper them. However, not all women are excited through oral sex. A woman cannot be completely satisfied only through oral sex.

She might not like the act

Sometimes, women just do not enjoy the act you do down there. You might want to explore every corner of her vagina, but she stops you from doing it. If this has been the case with you as well, then don't blame yourself for her dissatisfaction.

Instead of convincing her to go ahead with the act, you can try to find the reason for her to stop you from pampering her sensitive part. Women are quite sensitive, and you need to handle her very passionately. You can easily annoy her with one mistake in bed and you cannot afford that to happen.

Understand her needs

Many a times, men continue with the act without knowing if their partner is getting close to orgasm or if they are enjoying the act. Such ignorance quite often annoys her, and she would do everything to stop you from doing it again. You can sort this problem by closely observing her moves and her sexual satisfaction.

She might have had a bad day at work or the pressure at her workplace is too much for her to handle. This can affect her sexual ability physically. Don't force her into the act, as she would never agree to it. Instead, pamper her body with a sensual massage, which will relax her mind and body.

Pamper her

Apart from the routine schedule there can be other reasons as well that might deprive her sexual desire. She might not be happy with your sexual movements or the way you make love to her. Fast moves down there would not excite her at all, but it will cause her immense pain. The folds present in her clits and vagina are quite sensitive and you cannot apply force in there.

Not many partners talk about their sexual desires and expectations to each other. There can be many reasons for doing so. Some are too reluctant to discuss such topics, while others don't have time at all. Regardless of the reasons that you might have or come up with, it is necessary to discuss sexual issues with your partner.

Your partner loves you a lot, and wouldn't ever want to hurt you anytime. If she is too tired and you insist her to have fun in bed, then she might have to find a reason for saying no. Instead of saying “no” directly, she might stop you from doing things that you want to, with her. If you want her to enjoy the act down there, then it is wise to seek her guidance.

Many men commit the mistake of assuming things on behalf of their partners. You can discuss with her and know what she expects from him. Choose a time, when you feel she is relaxed, as then she will interact with you. This will also express your love for her, and she could trust you more.

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