Stimulate Her G-Spot And Give Her A Mind-Blowing Sexual Experience

Her g-spot is a sensitive place, and she would always love you playing and exploring the secret that lies in it. If you have always wanted to give her an experience of orgasm, then there are different ways to do so. You can either use a sex toy or create a magic there with your tongue.

Include lots of foreplay and kisses in your act, as this will arouse her. Men always commit the mistake of getting into the act quickly, which is wrong. Spend some quality time down there, and passionately explore her. If you hurry up things, then you might spoil the game and this is something that you would never want to happen.

Why she wants your time?

She loves your touch and pampering, and she would not be interested to get into the act directly. Foreplay arouses her, and warms up her mind and body. Once she is sexually excited, you can play with g-spot and give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

It is not so easy to excite her sexually, as it takes time for stimulating her g-spot. Blood flows into her g-spot, which will help you to locate her g-spot quite easily. In order to enjoy the game, it is suggested to begin the game slowly and steadily. You might have to include lots of vaginal stimulation, and do it slowly and steadily.

Try different sex positions

Routine things can be quite boring and usually kills the sexual excitement. The same thing happens when you try the same sexual position every time. In fact, you kill the excitement that is involved in intimacy. In order to make the game quite interesting, it is suggested to make the game as fun filled as possible.

You can try doggy style, which will directly stimulate her g-spot. Through this method, you can enter deep into her vagina and make the game of love quite interesting. Allow your lady to ride on top of you, as she will surely enjoy the same. She actually enjoys a deeper penetration, as the speed of thrusting is completely controlled by her.

Do you have a bend penis?

If your penis has a slight bend on the edge, then make the best use of the same. You can adjust the position in a perfect way and enter deep into her vagina. However, you will have to take care of the position or else there will be no fun involved in it. There are different sexual positions that can be tried even with a bend penis.

All you need to know is how and when to stimulate her g-spot. You certainly wouldn't want to miss on the fun that oral sex can give you. Many women love oral sex more than penetration. It gives them more fun and stimulates their sexual organs.

Try licking her clitoris, which will directly stimulate her g-spot. Don't forget to create a magic down there with your fingers. Start slowly and then gradually increase the speed, which will surely excite her. You can also use the sex toys, which will stimulate her organs and increase her excitement level.

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