Learn How To Be The Man In Bed And Life Of Your Partner

Generally, men tend to believe that it is always up to them to sexually arouse their partner, but it need not be the case all the time. When your partner makes the moves, you will need to encourage and accommodate them. You will surely feel different flavors of sexual experiences that you might not have fantasized before.

If you want to be the best one your girl could ever get or have longed to date the man of her dreams, then you could follow the below mentioned tips.

Be the Man who Can Bring Smile on your Partner's Face

Survey about the ideal man a girl would love to have, has given more points for men, who can make their partners smile with their humor. People belonging to the age group from 21 to 54 have opted for men, who can offer hot experience in the bed, along with the best sense of humor.

Be a Listener

The man who does not mind listening to the sexual experience of their partners get to learn more about the dos and don'ts, as everyone opens up both physically and emotionally to their mates during sex.

If you like knowing more about your bedmates, then you can ask questions to clear your doubts. However, make sure not to alarm them about the fact that you are actually trying very hard listening to their sexual experiences and improving your knowledge regarding what to do and what not to do to keep them happy in bed, even though you are just lying next to each other, and doing nothing.

The sudden and sensuous penetration and showing intimacy, while listening to them in bed will definitely help you gain greatest scores in your sexual appeal and can make you be their man for the best ride.

Facial Hair Scores More Points in Sexual Appeal

If you are a freak for clean face and never like growing beard and moustache, then you may start from now on. The facial hair serves, as the best trigger of sexual desires in many people all around the world and clean shaved men can never earn the best numbers for sex appeal.

The moustache act as a mirror that reflect a man's qualities like being aggressive, rough, masculine, attractive and lastly shows maturity.

Try Cooking Breakfast in Bed

When it comes to winning your partner's heart try to cook delicious meal after a tiring and sexy night. This can be the best way to show your other side, than being hot in bed. Even though your partner do not like to be thought as the “pig like eater”, in front of you, they will definitely love a delicious and stomach filling meal course, when they wake up from good and peaceful sleep.

Don't Come to Conclusion before Understanding Your Partner

Never decide on your own and come to any conclusion about your partner. It is better that you understand your partner before assuming anything. Unless you try to know your lady, all you will get is disappointment. False assumption can turn out to be bad, spoil relationships and leave you and your lady heartbroken. Thus, before you come to a conclusion, make sure that you've learnt enough about your partner.

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