Tips That Help You Enjoy The Hottest Phone Sex Ever

Phone sex can fulfill many desires, when it comes to sexual relationship and also it is known to help couples maintain chemistry even in their long distance relationship. It serves as the best route to explore the wildest desires of your partner.

If you are planning to enjoy the best experience of unadulterated grown-up movie through phone, then you can find many tips that will surely help you to get back in the game in a better way.

Tips that Will Help You Enjoy the Best Phone Sex Ever

Gear up, with your Headset or Earplugs

Using headset or the earplugs will keep you keep your hands free to take pleasure in the wildest moments while enjoying phone sex.

Get in the Sexy Mood

Getting into mood actually makes the work more enjoyable. Before making a call to your sweetheart, make sure that you get into the mood because sexual experience will be best experienced only if you get the total feel.

Get Comfortable

Sit on the couch, relax, plug in your ears with the phone headsets, keep your hands free and then start the conversation with your partner. Walking around too much while speaking or moving around playing with things will definitely spoil the mood for phone sex. Hence, enjoy the experience to the fullest by being as much comfortable as you can get.

Speak in the Hushed Tone

Even though you cannot actually feel the person on the opposite side, the ears available at the receiver end serves as a bridge for arousing your partner. The hushed tones and whispering sensuously into the ears of your sweetheart will definitely make the fountain of sensation flow through the body.

Make sure that you always use sexy and appealing tone while communicating with the only available erogenous zone, i.e., the ears.

Sending Naughty Pictures

Before starting the conversation with your partner, you can turn their mood on by sending some sexy and naughty picture. You can use your after shower photo with just a towel around the waist because it is the best and sexy picture ever with the capacity to turn on anyone at any time of the day.

Try Wordplay

The enjoyment in the phone sex gets much more, if you try being as descriptive as possible about your current position. Remember that the vocabulary used to explain things could help your partner to paint a perfect and detailed picture in their mind, which in-turn keeps them turned-on and more aroused.

Never try to Use Cheesy Phrases

Do not use any cheesy phrases during phone sex. Instead, you can be more sexual while describing things, which makes the conversation more enjoyable and hotter.

Understand your Partner

Try to learn about things that can turn-on your partner, since it helps you to decide and start your conversation through a particular route. If your partner doesn't mind a bit of vulgarity, then you can try and concentrate on such areas to make the conversation even hotter.

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