Techniques That Can Help You Improve Your Wife's Libido

Decrease in libido or sex drive is a common issue these days and every couple faces it at some or the other point in life. However, it is observed that in most cases women suffer from this condition.

There are several reasons behind low libido and some of the most common ones are medical conditions, physical conditions, psychological issues, fatigue, etc. On the other hand, in women, the main factors can be pregnancy and aging.

Most of the couples look for solutions for low libido and end up trying products available in the market. Since the issue is quite common, there are many companies in the market, which are producing products specially to boost libido. However, it is recommended that employing home remedies and techniques might turn out more effective and unlike other products, they have no side effects.

If you are trying to figure out how can you boost your partner's libido, first of all try being supportive and follow the below mentioned simple techniques, which has worked for many.

Techniques to overcome low libido:

Ask your wife to perform Kegel exercises:

Kegel are the muscles that wrap your vagina and anus. Performing kegel exercises will strengthen your partner's entire pelvic floor. Strong kegels enhances arousal during sex, improved blood circulation in genitals, increases orgasms and vaginal lubrication. The exercise is simple. Your partner must stop her urine in midway for 5 seconds, and then release it. This needs to be repeated 10 times.

Ask her to go for jogging:

Exercise is the best tool to increase her sex drive. A minimum 30 minutes workout should work initially. Going for a relaxing evening walk or a morning jog can prove to be a good start. In fact, to make it more fun, try joining her and spend some quality time together.

Ask her to relax:

It is very crucial that she is relaxed. Let her go for a massage or ask her to meet her friends and party a little.

Ask her to consume libido boosting foods:

There are several foods, which help in boosting libido, for example, garlic. If she does not like any of those things, you can always ask her to take supplements.

Try to be open:

Making connection is very crucial in this situation. Try talking to your wife openly and discuss with her what you need and what you like. Avoiding this conversation will only lead to frustration and will affect your relationship adversely. You can even try consulting a sex therapist. This will help you understand the reason behind her low libido and give you an opportunity to know the treatment options.

Try to bring out your fantasies:

This can be considered as one of the best remedy to boost your wife's libido. Try to be more creative in your bedroom and discuss with her about your and her fantasies. Having sex in different position, different locations using sex games and toys might arouse her.


In most of the cases, low libido is a temporary condition in women, but if it is not overcome, it can interrupt and disturb your relationship to a great extent. As a supportive partner, you have to wisely deal with the situation and simultaneously understand that she can definitely fight it.

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