Know Everything About Female Ejaculation

Does a woman actually ejaculate? Can she ejaculate without knowing? Is this a pure natural phenomenon? Well, there are several questions about female ejaculation, which are unanswered yet. However, there are observations that clear that yes a female does ejaculate like men. Now, if you are wondering what female ejaculation is, simply keep on reading to know the truth about female ejaculation and how it works.

Definition of Female Ejaculation:

Female ejaculation is not different from male ejaculation. A woman ejaculates a fluid from her vagina when she is sexually aroused and this is referred as female ejaculation. In most of the cultures, female ejaculation is considered as the highest of all the sexual acts. Also, some believe that female ejaculate has healing properties.

How does a woman ejaculate?

Well, just like men, woman ejaculates when she is extremely aroused as well as relaxed. Also, it is not necessary that every woman ejaculate. Female ejaculation is actually a result of intense g-spot arousal. However, in some cases it can even be a result of clitoral stimulation. The amount of fluid that a woman ejaculates during ejaculation differs from person to person as well as it depends on how sexually aroused is she.

There are times when woman ejaculate without even knowing, and this is because the quantity of fluid ejaculated it hardly noticeable. On the other hand, some woman ejaculate quite a big amount of fluid, but the truth is even if it appears like a lot it is just a few tablespoons.

Female ejaculation is not pee:

A female ejaculates from her urethra (the tube from which she passes urine). There are glands known as Skene's glands inside the urethra, which releases this fluid. This is the reason some scientist believed that female ejaculation is nothing, but the result of urinary stress incontinence or say the accidental spill of urine. However, after a lot of research and testing, it is proved that this fluid in fact exists in a female's urethra, but is not urine nor it contains urine.

Also, all fluids that a woman releases during orgasm is not necessarily ejaculation. There are woman, who actually have urinary incontinence while arousal and this is totally different from ejaculation. A female generally ejaculates during climax and hence this fluid cannot be referred as the natural vaginal lubrication. This is also because the fluid is released from the urethra and not vaginal canal. The female ejaculate is watery in consistency, clear and odourless.

Quick recap of female ejaculation:

  • Female ejaculation is generally a result of g-spot or c-spot arousal
  • The fluid is passed from urethra and released by Skenel's glands
  • The fluid is clear, odor free and watery in consistency

Apart, from the questions that are answered above about female ejaculation, there are several which remain unanswered. However, for now the most important question that is answered is yes female ejaculation exists in fact and it is considered a big turn on by most of the men and woman. Thus, the last tip is if you know that you are ejaculating during intercourse, never hide it instead embrace it.

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