Did You Know What You Have Been Thinking As Vagina Is Actually Vulva?

Most men think that vulva is vagina and the reason behind this is that they don't really know that both vulva and vagina are completely different. Definitely, men know about vagina. Also, they clearly know what is clitoris. However, when you mention the word vulva, they are perplexed. Most men end up scratching their heads or making stories, when you ask them about vulva. Well, keep reading to understand what exactly vulva is and how is it different from vagina.

What is Vulva?

In simple words, vulva is not just one thing, but everything down there is a part of vulva. There are many things, which are a part of vulva, but we will just focus on the following:

  • Mons veneris
  • Labia Majora
  • Labia Minora
  • Urethra
  • Clitoris
  • Vaginal opening
  • Perineum

Mons veneris

It is the fatty tissue over the pubic bone. Mons veneris is usually referred as the Mound of Venus. For a clear idea, Mons Veneris is actually the place where you will find the bush. However, if she is waxing, we can say where the bush is supposed to be.

Labia Majora

They are the big two lips, which protect the heaven. You can also expect some hair growing there, but again if she is waxing do not be surprised if it is all smooth and silky. It also consists of numerous oil glands and sweat. Labia Majora signals when it is the right time to go ahead, the fragrance from these are sexually stimulating.

Labia Minora

The vulva's inner lips are known as labia minora. This thin tissue stretches inside the labia majora, which protects the clitoris, urethra and vagina. Both inner as well as outer labia are sensitive to pressure and touch.

The Urethra

You definitely know urethra well. It is that tiny hole from where she pees as well as ejaculates. It is below the clitoris and does not take part in sex or reproduction activities.

The Clitoris

For sure, you are thinking that you know everything about clitoris. Of course, most men know this part of vulva and if you do not trust, you are in big trouble. The clitoris is that one part where stimulation will excite her the most and in fact, it can result into ejaculation.

On the top of the clitoris, there is a point of nerve endings, which is known as epicentre. Stimulating this spot using your tongue, finger or penis will take her to an exciting state and you are sure to receive big thanks for it.

Vaginal Opening

Now, this is where everything begins for a man. This place is just below the urethra and you can insert your penis in the vaginal opening.


Perinium is again an area, which many of them are not familiar with. It is the area of nerve endings and is located between the vagina and the anus.

Now that you are aware about the difference between vulva and vagina, you can surely boast about your knowledge.

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