Did You Know That Touchless Orgasm Does Exists And You Can Actually Attain It?

Is the concept of touchless orgasm real? Do you believe it actually works and is not again a fake orgasmic experience? Well, let's discuss how real it is and how does it work. Firstly, to believe that it is real, think of it this way. Our mind controls our entire body as well as all our emotions and sentiments. Those who have actually experienced this pure bliss, describes it as a perfect combination of body and mind. In simple words, you physically feel what your mind is thinking about.

Touchless Orgasms:

If we define touchless orgasms in the simplest way, it is nothing but just the act of erotic storytelling. You lead your partner through a sexually stimulating state and arouse them to the highest level of sexual arousal, which is when a woman attains her orgasm.

How to successfully lead your partner to attain a touchless orgasm?

Definitely touchless orgasm is an ultimate combination of body and mind yet to achieve it successfully there are a few handy tips that you can use. To talk your partner effectively in the most sexually excited state, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 The research phase: Try to know as much as you can about the sexual fantasies, likes and dislikes of your partner. Make sure you design your story line as per their fantasies. Knowing and understanding what arouses your partner will definitely prove to be very useful. It will not only give a direction to your story, but help you understand where you can twist and turn while the event is going on.

Step 2 Craft your story line and add essential elements: Since you know the direction of your story after the research phase, now make sure you design one before the event. This is not something that you can go on saying, but you have to plan for it. You can say that the stories you design are your moves and so you have to plan it strong.

Also, try to figure out how your partner will like it. For instance, if she likes it rough you can incorporate words like fuck and cunt. On the other hand, if she likes it decent use works like lovemaking and pussy. Further, use your voice tone, which she finds sexually arousing. This will excite her better.

Step 3 Check with the set up: Last but not the least this step is very important. Before you plan this entire event make sure the ambiance around you is supporting. Try to use some good music and nice lighting and make sure you get yourself and your partner a drink. After all, during the event it is obvious that both of you will feel thirsty and thus need a drink for a general physical relaxation.

Quick recap:

  • Do enough research about her fantasies
  • Create your storyline well in advance
  • Incorporate words you think can excite her
  • Make sure the ambiance is supporting

So, if you are planning to spice up her night and give her the best shot of some touchless orgasm follow the tips given above. Lastly, never lose track of your story and constantly keep a watch on her response and reaction.

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