Facts About The Importance Of Foreplay

The way to enjoy living is to take pleasure in every aspect of the journey and not just the destination. Men are often mistaken because they look for results even in intimate relationships like winning, conquering, being full, the best and climax.

If they learn to focus on other features of their journey, they will appreciate each moment every day. Concentrating on relationships, closeness like displaying your love and enjoying the journey involves foreplay techniques like touching, talking and playing.

If you focus on attaining orgasm and skip the journey, you have missed the pleasure of reaching orgasm. While making love, if you are concerned about reaching climax you are missing the excitement of the journey. Remember orgasms are less delightful, when rushed and thought about (like destination is the aim).

Your aim must be to get familiar with your partner intimately, get close, play, explore, learn, give, try new things, enhance, build anticipation, longing, admiration and wonderful feelings.

Foreplay helps to get her hot promptly

Foreplay has many features. It is the time taken

  • To enhance your partners mood
  • To explore her
  • To learn how to get her hot before the actual action
  • To caress, kiss, touch and fondle her erogenous parts
  • Discover new sensitive areas

If foreplay is done accurately, half of the exertion in pleasing her sexually is eliminated.

How to start foreplay

Some males believe that foreplay means an ‘opening act' touching her 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse. Some think that asking her whether she wants sex all of a sudden. This approach is wrong. Such situations can turn off a woman.

Foreplay begins during the day like sitting beside her, kissing her, giving a warm hug or texting her right words (something naughty). You can plant seeds all through the day. Get her dreaming about the actions as well as periodically let her know you are on the same boat.

Speak physically

Foreplay means exploring her body in many ways. On condition that your hands, tongue or lips are used to explore her shoulders, neck and lower back. This must be your starting points, use hands to massage and stroke her gently. Employ your lips to taunt her and tongue to thaw her out. Here the challenge is to turn her on without touching her sensitive zones.

Touch her responsive areas

Her inner thighs, breast and nipples are extremely sensitive. These can be used as backup strategies, if your new technique of touching unknown areas does not produce results.

Monitor her response

Always monitor her expressions. Moans, sighs, or heavy breathing can be the best thing. If she remains lifeless and silent completely, you may be missing something. If she squirms, you have captured the right spot. Let her reactions guide you across her body.

Actually foreplay is not optional because many females are not lubricated enough to feel comfortable during intimacy without some stimulation. It is the main episode and the other activities of intercourse are sub-optimal.

It is not just the genitals taking part, but even your eyes, mouth and hands participate to give you more intimate experience than just sexual intercourse. So, try to enhance your foreplay and experience an exciting sexual intimacy!

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