Let Her Also Enjoy Sex Pleasurably As You Want

It's natural for many men to crave for a bigger and thicker sized penis, and there is nothing wrong in expecting such a thing. Nevertheless, it is wrong to think that only big and thick penis is required to satisfy your partner. Men, who have smaller ones, have been successfully rocking their partner's world. It is all about sexual techniques adopted, and not the size that matters in this case.

There are quite a few men, who have thick and too big sized manhood, but still not able to satisfy their partner. Rather they end up hurting their sex partner. Her vagina is stretchable and can accommodate your penis, but not stretchable enough to accommodate an abnormally bigger one.

Enjoy painless sex

Does that mean that such men cannot enjoy sex, as normal ones do? The answer is a simple, 'No.' in some cases her vagina just cannot accommodate your big manhood, because of a medical condition called vaginismus. The PC muscles are too compressed, which makes penetration too painful for her. In this case, it is surely not your mistake, though she might say so.

The problem is not as serious as it might sound to be like. You both can talk about it and work towards finding the root cause of the problem. As per s-experts, the problem of vaginismus is curable, in a simple way. She will be able to enjoy sex more, when she experiences less pain in her private part. You can use effective medical tools that will help her in stretching the PC muscles, effectively.

Adopt Safe Methods

However, before you try doing that it is recommended to consult an expert and seek his expert guidance. You might not be satisfied with the sexual performance, and there are many reasons for the same. If you are having sex with someone for the first time, then there are chances that you both might not be compatible with each-other. This is one of the main reasons that cause sexual distress.

Now, if this is happening too often with you, then there can be a medical problem that is causing this problem. Instead of concluding things all by you, it is a smart thing to consult a doctor and check the exact reason for this problem. Medical problems like STD's effects of post and pre pregnancy and others are some of the reasons that cause pain during sex.

Through proper medical test, they can find the reason for the problem and will help you in overcoming the issue quickly. Not many people, especially women are comfortable in discussing this issue with their doctors, which is indeed a wrong attitude. Unless you discuss things with an expert there is no way you can find a solution to the same.

Different Ways to enjoy sex

If you think that penetration is the only way to enjoy sex, then probably you will have to get information about enjoying intimacy in different ways. Anal and oral intimacy is equally fun-filled and erotic, as penetration is. You can excite her sex toys, which are easily available in the sex toy stores. In fact, you can explore the e sexual passion in a new and pleasurable manner.

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