Indulge Into Safe Sex And Stay Away From Different Problems

Safe sex has become a must these days, where everyone can have fun with safety. Nothing can be safer than using condoms, while having sex with her. You both get protected from unwanted pregnancy and avoid being infected by HIV and STD. If you are wearing condom for the first time then you might like the feel of it, on your sensitive body part.

Men might give thousand reasons for not using it, but there is one logical explanation that says why you should use it. Some might complain of not being comfortable, while others state that they trust their partners and thus don't need it. Even some girls don't prefer their partners using it, as it kills their sexual excitement.

Avert pregnancy:

Condoms might not be the only option for you to control pregnancy, especially when you are not ready to start a family. Nevertheless there are no other options available for men and women to avert the transmission of STD. Instead of surrounding yourself to her desires, it would be a smart thing to explain the reasons why you need to use a condom.

There might be several reasons, why she might not want you to use this protective shield. You can never find the truth unless you talk to her about it. The reasons for not preferring condom can be numerous. However, it is your responsibility to find the exact one. Not all are comfortable with the latex material, which is used for manufacturing this product.

If that is the case, then you can find an alternative to this product. There are many condoms that are made up of other materials. However, you might need to research the same. You both might not be comfortable with the condoms, but there are no other safe methods to enjoy sex, without any risk.

You both have been into the relationship for quite a long time now and have all reasons to trust each other. In this case, you might have a look at different options for birth control. These methods are safe and effective. Birth control pills, slots, and patches are some of the best opted methods.

These alternatives are good enough to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but at no point they will be effective in avoiding the transmission of STD. You can ask her to wear hormonal pills that are quite effective and safe as well. They are available in the form of patch and pills. It indeed provides you with additional security and you can now add more fun to the game of lovemaking.

Make the right decision:

Unless you are not comfortable with the condom, you can never enjoy the act. In this case, you might want to discuss the same with your partner. If there is trust and love, she will surely agree to what you have to say. However, it is necessary that you take proper care, and ensure that you both are safe while having sex with each other. You both can agree to use alternate birth control methods, and enjoy sex always.

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