Do You Know What Is Safe Sex

Everyone have different ways of enjoying intimacy, and they don't feel anything strange about it. Some might get aroused, when they see a woman dressed in sexy apparel walking down towards them. Similarly, there are others, who have strange fantasies, when it comes to enjoying sex with their partners.

Men and women both love to enjoy sex in a clean and appealing atmosphere. A small hindrance instantly kills their sexual excitement, and thus they take special care of such things. The same things go when a woman has her monthly period. Sometimes, the couples are so excited about intimacy that they don't mind about such a thing, while others are quite particular about the same.

Is it wrong?

There is nothing wrong in indulging in sexual activities, however it is necessary to know the effects of doing so. As per some s-experts, it is wise not to have sex at this time, though there is no harm in it. During this time most of the women don't get pregnant, as her fertilized eggs are not dropped into the ovary.

However, in exceptional cases she might get pregnant, at this time. Thus, it is recommended to have safe sex, as it will avert the possibilities of unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes, the fertilized eggs get deposited into her uterus, even when she is having her periods.

Thus, it is recommended not to take any chance, especially if you are not planning to have a baby. A protected sex will always give you immense pleasure and allow you to enjoy it, and will help you to avert any sort of problems. Now, the other thing that has to be worried about while having sex is the transmission of diseases like STD, which is high during this time.

Other things to worry about

There is always a high chance of her blood coming in direct contact with your semen. This might not be a risk with the couples, who are loyal to each other. During periods, women can easily pass on her sexual disease on to men, which can be averted by simple and effective safety steps.

The question is about indulging into safe and pleasurable sex. If you know a momentary enjoyment can distress your life for good, then it is recommended to control your emotions. If you are one of those who don't want to bother your partner, when she is having menstrual problem then there is nothing much to worry.

No matter whatever you do in terms of sex, it is always recommended to enjoy sex in a secured way. This is possible through proper knowledge and by following the right thing. Quite a few men don't like to use condom, as it affects their sexual fantasy. Again it depends, if you are enjoying intimacy with a new or regular partner.

The point here is not only about having sex with her during per period, but also about doing the right things that will keep you both secured. It is all about having fun in a safe and pleasurable manner.

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