Dating With Her The First Time Take Care Of Few Things

You have been waiting for this day your entire life, and are too excited about it. The date tonight with her is going to be memorable, as you both will have adult fun with each other for the first time. There are so many things that you need to take care of, and don't want to let go any opportunity to enjoy the special moment of your life.

At one moment you are too excited and the next you are nervous. Things will be more complicated if you are planning to have the fun game with a person of the same sex. You might now know how to please her/him, and you are scared of annoying her. It is quite normal to be scared of these things, but you can easily overcome them.

What scares you when you have first time sex?

It is quite obvious to get excited however it is necessary to control, as it can ruin the whole fun of the game. If she is visiting your place, then it is your responsibility to comfort her. However, ensure not to scare her, by rushing things as soon as she enters your home. She will surely open her heart to you once she feels that she is quite safe with you.

The same rules apply when you have sex with the same gender. You might not be aware of what to do and how to excite her. If this is the case, just think about the special touch that excites you. Relax and then try it on her, however before that let her take time to be comfortable with you.

How to comfort her?

Now you might not know how to relax her. May be a passionate head or body massage will do the magic, but what if she is not comfortable yet with this thought. Instead of trying different things, you can ask her to sit comfortably and chat with her. You might know all about her, but still ask her something that you know she might want to share with you.

This will relax her and release stress from her mind. If you both love playing games, then indulge in some challenging acts that will break the ice. Nothing can be more interesting than the truth and dare games. She will be more relaxed and will know how you want to take things further. Also, you might not have to work a lot for enjoying the play.

The more fun you include in the game the better will be her participation in the game of love. You can organize a wonderful dinner with a fantastic wine for her. You both can interact with each other, while having dinner and get to know more about each other. Instead of rushing things and spoiling the game, you can take it slow and steady.

Don't set a rule for enjoying sex with her, as there is in fact none. Nevertheless you create an environment where you both will have a great time. It is fine if you are scared, but don't let the negative feeling take over you. Instead of thinking of different ways to please her, you can merely make her relax and keep her happy.

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