Connect On A More Emotional Level With Tantric Sex

You might often come across the word ‘tantric sex' at some point in your lives. Tantra is basically the practice of connecting with ourselves in a deeper level. The main focus here is on our positive energies that can be bought forth by indulging in some deep breathing exercises and tone vibrations. Tantric sex on the other hand focuses on prolonging the sexual act by increasing the sexual energy between you and your partner.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to tantric sex. If you and your partner are facing issues in your relationship, then tantric sex might prove to be helpful in rekindling your sexual life. In addition to having a strong mind, body and spiritual connection with your partner, tantric sex also helps you to enjoy mind-blowing and multiple orgasms.

Some of the other benefits of tantric sex include:

· Improvement in blood circulation to the sexual organs of the body

· Helps to detoxify the body through deep breathing exercises

· It also helps in improving the cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and nervous functions in the body

· It helps in reducing premature ejaculations and also helps in boosting self confidence

Experiencing Tantric Sex in Your Relationships

If you too want to experience the power of tantric sex in your relationship, then you need to put in a lot of hard work into it. It is common for couples to lose interest in sexual activities especially if they are being in the relationship for long. The next time to feel in the mood to have sex, begin with a kiss or a caress and try to build up on the tempo, rather than finishing the deed.

Try and listen to what your partner feels when you touch their erotic zones. Try to in align your breathing pattern with that of your partner. This helps you to get in tune with your partner and aids in sending love energy to one another.

Indulge in a lot of foreplay and take the time to pleasure each other. You can even purchase sex toys and enhance your sexual experience. The longer you prolong your climax, the better the experience. For men, it helps in controlling their ejaculations and for women it can help in enhancing their libido levels.

Practice on Your Listening Skills

Communication plays a very important role when it comes to healthy relationships. If your partner feels unsatisfied or depressed, talk it out with them. Listen to what they have to say and try to improve upon the existing situation.

Try to curb down on your anger. If you are facing issues with your partner, talk it out there and then. Keeping feelings bottled up inside can be dangerous. Look into both sides of the argument rather than trying to get your point across.

If you have made a mistake, apologize. There is no harm in admitting your mistakes. Indulging in sex after clearing your differences can make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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