Did You Notice Her Exciting Erogenous Zones Beyond The Obvious Ones?

No wonder, when you reply with a “No”, as that has always been the case with most guys. As a matter of fact, most of you guys are usually stuck to only few specific obvious zones of your girl's body. Neither you bother to focus on the rests, forget about your girl asking for that. Well, it's only because you couples don't have an idea as how exciting it can be for a girl to be touched, kissed, and licked on those exciting erogenous zones beyond the obvious ones. Which are those?


Well, that awkward expression of yours clearly reveals that you have never given it a try, and this sounds really unobvious to you. Remember, a girl's stomach is one of her erogenous zones that if focused on and tantalized properly can take her to the heights of excitements. Besides, there is no denying the fact for most girls, their belly is one of their insecurities.

They usually aren't sure of as whether it seems ok to their partner or does he find it out of shape. Hence, when you focus on this zone, and try to excite her by kissing and touching her belly, she gets an assurance of you finding it ok and sexy.

Anyways, the point is, how would you excite her this way. Remember, you needn't pinch, slap, or grab her curvy bits. Instead, a better idea would be to approach her from the back, embrace and envelop her from behind, letting her feel that she is wrapped up in your masculinity. Now, you may tantalize her stomach, running your hands all over it to the top of her pubic region. By the way, you needn't miss that unobvious expression of hers, by pressing underneath and on her belly-button.

Her Inner Thighs

Seems, you have worked on this zone earlier. Great! So now, know the right way of doing it. Indeed, guys do focus on their girl's inner thighs to arouse them. However, one of the mistakes that they usually commit is, they rush into the next very obvious zone. However, you needn't do that that next time.

As a matter of fact, it's the psychological tease and tension of anticipating as where the guy would head next, which makes inner thighs an exciting erogenous zone. Hence, you needn't end that suspense with the obvious conclusion. Instead, you may just try kissing, licking, and lightly touching those. It's a highly sensitive area, and so you need to be careful with your touches specially.

Her Buttocks

While you might have always loved to pinch, or to give playful slaps on those, try something different when she is naked. Start kissing those, from the top, and mix those with light and naughty bites. You too might find biting those as really exciting, as it's quite a common fetish among men. Anyways, you may continue with your kisses, and light strokes. Even massage those well, to the warmth, so that she is finally ready for some squeezing and light spanks.

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