Unprotected Sex Doesn't Always Mean Pregnancy But Why Take Chances

Couples, unaware of numerous aspects of sex education, at times are curious to know, whether having unprotected sex always result in pregnancy or not. The very simple and precise answer would be “No”. Every-time, when you have unprotected sex with your partner, doesn't result in pregnancy, but then there always is a high risk of the same. To understand this, you need to know the basic fundamentals of getting pregnant. A few of its diversified aspects can make you aware, why unprotected sex doesn't always mean pregnancy, however you should not take any chance.

Too Many Hurdles To Get Pregnant

When a man ejaculates inside his partner, he unloads hundreds of sperm inside her body. Then on, the sperm starts its troublesome journey to reach the woman's egg. Troublesome, why it is? First of all, of those millions of sperm, there can be numerous with defects in their structure, shape, or motility. Any of these defects can make it really difficult for a sperm to reach up to its destination, or even if it reaches, to complete its task. As a matter of fact, almost in every man, there are numerous such sperm with some defect.

However, the active and “good” sperm are on it way. However, even then there are few hurdles for their movement inside a woman's body. Besides, the acidic environment of the woman's canal is yet another significant hurdle for the sperm that it needs to fight and survive. Likewise, there are numerous hurdles to many sperm that is on its way to fertilize your woman's egg. Hence, that makes it pretty evident as why having unprotected sex doesn't always means pregnancy.

It's Always Risky Anyways

A little idea, on those hurdles to pregnancy, might have come to you as happy news. Next time, you might not be that worried while having unprotected sex. Isn't it? However, you need to understand the fact that it's ALWAYS risky.

Now, what if there are numerous hurdles to those sperm, it takes only one of those warriors to win the war. Did you know that of all the sperm that you ejaculate inside her, only one is capable enough, in-fact responsible for her pregnancy? Yes, it's true, and all that is needed for egg to be fertilized is just one egg. Hence, you can never take chance, you never know.

So What Even If She Is On Birth Control Pills

Now, in this context, there comes up yet another very significant aspect to be discussed. Knowing about so much of hurdles to pregnancy, men at times think it is sufficient enough to put their women on birth control pills. They then try to do it bare headed.

That can be a big mistake, as birth control pills and other such contraceptive measures can be risky at times especially if she is ill. Hence, to ensure better protection you should not avoid using a condom. That way, you can be assured of staying away from unwanted pregnancy.

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