To Know What She Actually Likes Or Dislikes While You Make Love To Her

Ok, so what are your specific fetishes and interests in the bedroom? Do you like it the most when she gives you oral pleasure, or is it her “back-door” that you love to enter? Or is it something else that you prefer? C'mon, don't be shy, after-all as long as you don't reveal it, how would the other person know about your “specific” interests?

Everyone has their own “Specific” interests. You can't just generalize any particular thing or act, and believe that every man will like it. Alike is the case with women too. Each woman has her own specific interests and preferences in the bedroom. Have you noticed that your girl like it really hard? However, your ex might have been more into soft, gentle, and sensuous acts. Hence, even though girls like sex, the specifications and preferences vary, like men.

As a matter of fact, you can take a girl to the heights of ecstasy, only if you know well about her specific interests and preferences in the bedroom. This is the most effective way. However, the point is, how would you know about those? How would you ask her, without making it sound too annoying or awkward?

Keeping Your Questions Short, Sexy and Naughty

“Hey! Do you really like it when the tongue is being penetrated deep inside you, deeper and deeper? Or, is it better if it moves in a flickering motion ….like this….and then periodically licking these outer lips with slow and gradual motion?

Ok, so now when you have already asked her that, you needn't wait for her response. Your “philosophical” question is too annoying to be replied. Just leave, and shut the door.

Remember, you just need to keep the question short, sexy, and naughty. Just whisper into her ears something like “Is that thrust enough?” “Do you like it?” etc. Your girl won't have to take the trouble of understanding and replying to your long and annoying question. Rather, she would let you know, with a simple “hmmhhmm..or mmmhhmmh”.

Not Asking Her After Every Move And Attempt

Its ok, you need to know how she is feeling. Moreover, you are asking her in the right way. However, a question after every move that you try, is not only annoying to answer, but also can be a turn off for her. Hence, better it is to seek her guidance but not frequently, rather sometimes when you actually need to know.

Reading Her Moans And Groans, Above All

This is in fact is the best way to know that whatever you are doing to her is pleasurable or ineffective to her. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to the way her body and moans reply to your moves. Read it, and know her response. Yes, it might take some practice and sufficient time for you to master this skill. Yet, it's worth it. It's the best way to know her response to every move you make.

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