Best Way To Ask Your Girlfriends Nude Pictures

Every now and then we get to read about scandals involving nude pictures. This may deter you from asking your girlfriend to send her nude photographs. You are in a relationship and totally in love with her, but you are not sure how to ask her to give the nude photos.

Why ask her?

By asking her to send the stripped pictures, she might get a wrong impression and might consider you to be a freak. You are together for a year and not had sex. It will basically mean that you find her attractive.

You have been dating for some-time and you like her walking swings and the swivel of her butts. You are comfortable with her and love her curves, shape, size, and every inch.

You just can't call her saying, “Yo, baby text me your nude photo”. You will have to step forward carefully. Before you consider asking her the pictures, there must be trust and comfort level in your relationship. Then you need to flatter her in an appropriate way for her to agree.

Best way to try to get her nude pictures:

  • Make her comfortable – Never rush, you cannot make someone do things they do not desire. First let her know how precious she is to you personally. Secondly, let her know that it will not be displayed to others. Spending time with her will make her feel more comfortable with you.
  • Sweet talk– Right phrases get you far. Language must spark the naughty desire in her. Asking nude snaps must not sound dirty. Praise her body. Brag about her sexy looks. Display how her magnetic looks draw you towards her. In this way, she will get a feeling that you desire her uncontrollably and are sure to send her nude pictures.

When not to ask?

There are also many reasons why not to ask your girlfriend for undressed photos, especially

1. When you are still not intimate with her or you haven't had sex with her. It will sound downright creepy.

2. If she is under 18 years her unclothed pictures can backfire. It is illegal and can put you in trouble.

The worst scenarios

· When there is a breakup you may still have her nude pictures, which you would save it as pornography despite the fact that you have a new girlfriend.

· Technology is easily corrupted and sending naked photos is risky. Pictures can get out by accident even if she trusts you --- Hacking can happen! It can potentially ruin her life, if family, friends, and strangers see her in an inappropriate dress code.

When to ask?

If both of you are above eighteen and have had sex or are living together then she will comfortably offer her sexy pictures for your eyes only. You can tell her that you will send your sexy pictures, but she has to return the favour. This bold dialogue can angle the scales in your support. This can convince her and she will certainly forward some nude photos to you. You can also propose a nude photo shoot, but if she is hesitant don't push her and drop the idea.

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