What Men Need To Consider Before Getting Rid Of Their Pubic Hair

As far as sex is concerned, genital hygienea is an important aspect. You need to be clean and fresh down there, so that it isn't a trouble for your partner to please you. Hence, it's advisable to wash your genital daily and most significantly to get rid of your pubic hair regularly. However, does that mean you need to shave it off completely, or to do a close but fuzzy trimming? Also, is it ok, to keep your pubic hair but just wash it properly every-day? Here are a few aspects that you need to consider in this context.

How You Both Like It

That obviously is a big factor. It's not only whether you like to keep or remove your pubic hair, but it's also about how she likes it to be, and what her preference is. You need to shave it off completely, or trim it properly if she doesn't like struggling with your bushes to give you a blowjob.

Besides, there are also many girls who love to ‘play' with their partner's pubic hair. Believe it or not, but it's a kind of turn-on for them. Now, if that sounds like your girl, then it would be better to keep your pubic hair. However then, you need to clean it regularly. Or in case, if you don't like those bushes down there, but also want to keep it for your girl, then you may trim it to a particular medium level.

The Look And Feel Aspect

If you are quite hairy all over your body, you can visualize it and think how awkward it looks when you are completely shaved off or waxed in your groin area. Strange it looks, isn't it? Hence, for such hairy men a proper trim would give quite a natural look than a shave. Similarly, if you are quite hairless all over your body, then a complete shave off would look and feel much better.

One of the aspects to be concerned about here is that shaving off completely or waxing your pubic hair might take more time, as compared to just trimming it. Besides, the former needs to be done on regular basis, while trimming needn't be that frequent.

The Benefits above All

Above all, be it trimming or shaving that you prefer getting rid of your pubic hair has its own benefits. Sweats and bacteria can be well trapped in the hair, causing a strong odor in the region. Hence, it's always advisable to shave it off completely, or in case you are trimming it then you need to wash it regularly.

As an added advantage, there would be no curly hair all around when your partner is furnishing you with oral pleasure or also when you are on top of her. By the way, have you ever seen your chest hair that might have fallen on your partner's body after a passionate session of sex with missionary position? It's quite exciting to see that and that assures you that you both were really wild few minutes ago.

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